5 lessons I get from traveling (while not being able to travel)

Trying to sleep in a train full of cockroaches and smelly socks.

Being yelled by dozens of taxi drivers at 9 in the evening, each one trying to scam you.

Desperately trying to communicate with people who don’t speak or understand the languages you speak.

Getting breakfast of fresh baguette from the local eatery.

Given a surprise meal to take with you from your Airbnb host.

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Growing up and growing old

Sometime around last year, I started watching Friends for the first time.

I watched 2-3 episodes a day, sometimes more, and I would stay up late just to watch it. By the end of the 10th season, you guessed it, I became so invested in the show. I can relate to every character.

But when I searched for the casts, they looked so different. They’re old.

I should’ve known. It’s been more than 25 years since they first started shooting.

I wonder what it feels like to see your forever young self on a famous TV series..

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