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My name is Ascencia Fike, but you can call me Fike. It’s fee-kuh. Doesn’t rhyme with Nike the brand.

When I’m not working, you can find me reading books (mostly non-fiction), eating, or traveling.

I’m originally from Tangerang, Indonesia, but now I live in Salzburg, Austria. I’m pursuing a Master’s degree in Digital Communication Leadership (DCLead) on a full scholarship from the EU government.

I only have worked in an office for a year, during a compulsory internship from my university program. It’s a nice learning experience, I met many talented people and saw how an office could be run. But I wanted more freedom in my work. I wasn’t ready to become an entrepreneur either, so..

I turned to Upwork and worked as a virtual assistant/content manager. For 18 months, I worked while I traveled to Singapore, Jogja, and Bangkok.

Through one of my clients, I was offered a full-time position (still remote!) as the affiliate specialist at Saturday Drive (Ninja Forms and Caldera Forms). Read how that happened here.

It’s been over a year now since I joined the team. But because I have to juggle between my study and my job, I switched to part-time with Saturday Drive. You can find me writing on their blog every week.

That’s my life so far in a nutshell!

Oh, have I mentioned that I love writing? I wanted to share everything I’ve learned (and what I learn along the way!) through this blog. I hope my stories can inspire others in pursuing their dreams of being a freelancer or a digital nomad or a remote worker or a decent, always-growing human being.

You can also find me on Instagram,Ā Medium, andĀ Twitter.