Last month, I spent almost 31 days in Jogja. Although most of the time I was working, I managed to spend time away from my laptop and explore the local delicacies. I’m not vegetarian nor vegan, but I found these 3 cheap, amazing vegan restaurants in Jogja:

1. Soma Yoga

Want to experience dining next to paddy fields? With fake but delicious burgers and sausages? You have to go to Soma Yoga.

While I was there, I tried their vegan burger. It was SO GOOD. The burger was moist and juicy, made from tempeh (fermented soybean). You can smell the goodness from the grilled bun.

In my opinion, their burger is even better than Burgreens’ (a hip vegan restaurant you can find in Jakarta) and of course, cheaper.

2. Fortunate Coffee

My mom and I discovered this place accidentally when we were searching for a restaurant that served vegetables near our hotel in Malioboro. I searched for ‘vegan restaurant’ in Google Maps, and there’s a café in walking distance called Fortunate Coffee.

Fortunate Coffee in Jogja

So we walked there. I ordered (fake) hotdog and pumpkin soup. My mom ordered their burrito. They’re all so good, my mom got a green juice to take home. The next day, we went to that café again.

My mom, her burrito, and my hotdog in Fortunate Coffee Jogja

We found out from the staffs that they also have stores in Jakarta and a few other cities in Indonesia. When I searched for ‘Fortunate Coffee’ on Instagram, I saw that they even have stores in Taiwan and Singapore and Malaysia.

Their dishes are pricier than Soma Yoga’s, but have bigger portions.

3. ViaVia Jogja

This is not vegan, but it’s quite popular among foreign backpackers. I believe their bread is homemade. They also have a fair-trade, local merchandise store where I got my lovely scarf. I bought some natural solid deodorants too.

ViaVia Jogja interior

Maybe the priciest of all three, this place has a quite broad range of menu. I think this is because they mostly cater to foreigners, it’s a bit pricey for me, but not for foreigners.

I got their salmon bagel!

When I was there, 80% of their customers were foreigners. I read on the Internet that the area is even called ‘Kampung Bule’ or ‘Foreigners’ Village’ because many foreigners stay there during their vacation.

ViaVia Jogja merchandise store

What I like most about them, is that they’re zero waste in their packaging. I ordered another sandwich for takeaway and they gave me a weaved bamboo basket, lined with banana leaves. They didn’t give me a plastic bag.

When I shopped at their merchandise store, it was wrapped in a bag made out of newspaper! ♥️ 

It’s easy to find (good) food in Jogja

If you’re going to Indonesia, make sure to include Jogja (Yogyakarta) in your itinerary. Especially if you’re a foodie like me!

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