A little mantra I’ve been using for 6 months

It’s July already!

This year is not an ordinary one though, it definitely felt longer than 6 months. But time is still running like usual, it doesn’t stop for us or even the pandemic.

Every New Year, I got excited. Well actually, I would usually get excited the whole of December. When December comes, all I can think about are Christmas songs and New Year resolutions.

But this year I decided to do things a little differently.

Instead of setting goals and resolutions, I set an intention for the whole year. I treated it like a mantra.

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You’ll love working from home, here’s why

Almost everyone has been working from home for the past few months.

You’re maybe typing away right now, either on the dining table, in the living room, or in the bedroom. Makeshift workspace suddenly appearing in every corner of the house.

For parents, learning to balance work with childcare and homeschool is the real challenge. Attending multiple Zoom meetings every single day. Trying to set work-life boundaries at home (or is it at work?).

But it’s all forced to happen during these weird times, it’s not the same as making a choice to work from home.

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Don’t believe what they say, you’re still improving

Your job isn’t over just because someone praises you.

When you make something, you want to know if it works really well, or if it just works. Or maybe, sadly, if it doesn’t work at all. 

How do you know it?

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