How Reading Books Affect My Life

I read a lot of books. And those books affect me in different ways.

I started to think about this after a conversation I had with my dad last week. He asked me, “Do you feel you’re becoming wiser, now that you’ve read a lot of books?”

“I guess so.”

“Do you feel happier?”

“Not really. You know, there are some things you’re better off not knowing.”

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A Reflection: A Year As A Freelancer

Sorry, I fell off the wagon (again)!

This month has been a busy one, or, may I say, distractive?

I watched the whole 10 seasons of Friends, and then played an addicting game on my phone called Homescapes. As a result, my sleeping time is all over the place, and I wasn’t focused with my day.

But I’m back now! In fact, I’m dedicating this week to practice my deep work. After I’m done with my Miracle Morning routine (Silence, Affirmation, Visualization, Exercise, Read, and Scribe), I will be on my laptop, just writing for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

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Makeup: Is it empowering women?

What is makeup, really?

Is it a way to enhance your face, especially for women? Is it a way to transform your face into something you finally love about yourself? Is it still your face if it’s covered in makeup?

We all (hopefully) realize that we’ve been forcing women to look a certain way. We should all dress up with a face full of makeup to look presentable.

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