Did you just start your new blog? Feeling frustrated because no one reads it? Is your target audience women? Or have you heard of using Pinterest to bring traffic to your blog but feeling clueless about Pinterest itself?

Don’t worry, I’m here to explain all you need to start generating traffic to your website from your Pinterest account! Just like you, I have no clue when I start using Pinterest. It’s not too user-friendly, I don’t know where to start, and what it can do!

But because of my experience handling my client (whose Pinterest account now has more than 4 million monthly viewers), I know how to utilize Pinterest in the best way possible!

Without further ado, let’s start with the basics!

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social network for inspiration/bookmarking. It’s consisted of pins and boards. Think of it like a collection of cork boards/bulletin boards. And pins are like sticky notes that you pin to those boards. You can create your own pins, or you can ‘repin’ pins from others.

Just like any social networks, you can also follow and be followed by another user. That way, it creates a large network of pins and boards. These pins get repinned every day, even years after it is first pinned.

A pin must link to a website or a URL. When a user clicks on that pin, he/she will get to the website it’s linked to.

The thing is, Pinterest feed or homepage is generated by their algorithm, showing this combination of pins:

how Pinterest feed works: pins from following at the top, related pins in the middle, and interest pins at the bottom

Source: https://persuasion-nation.com

How Can Pinterest Help Your Website Traffic?

A popular pin is going to live long after it is first pinned. It’s not uncommon for me to see pins titled ‘Boost Your SEO in 2015’ in my feed, it’s still get repinned because it gives values for the readers.

Can you imagine how many clicks it has generated over all those years?

Your pins are going to be there for years, redirecting thousands of viewers to your website!

What is The Best Way to Use Pinterest to Generate Traffic?

First and foremost, start with your account.

    1. Let’s start with your name. What is your personal brand? What do you want to be known as? Also, link to your website in the contact info and profile description.
    1. Then move on to your boards. Come up with a content strategy, think about your brand and your target audience. What are their (or your) interests? What topic is going to attract them? For me, because I freelance and blog about being a freelancer and a blogger, my boards are about freelancing, blogging, entrepreneurship, personal development, yoga, wellbeing, and meditation. Create boards that you think will be interesting for your audience. That relates to their lifestyle.
    1. Start pinning!
      The best way to pin is to pin consistently. Don’t pin many pins all at once, it will annoy your followers. If you have enough budget, consider Tailwind*. It’s a scheduling tool where you can schedule your pins in advance, so your account will be posting consistently without you. 
      I don’t use Tailwind because it’s too expensive for me, but my client uses it and it’s doing amazing!
    1. Create your own pins. Stick to vertical images because they suit Pinterest homepage well (and they do better than horizontal ones). You can use Canva to design beautiful pins effortlessly. Then upload these pins to Pinterest, link it to your individual blog post.
  1. Join group boards. What is it? Hold on, I will tell you what it is in a minute.

When you have created your Pinterest business account, you will see your monthly viewers, this is the number of people that are exposed to your pins per month. My client’s Pinterest account now has 4 million+ views per month. When I first handled it 2 months ago, it’s still at 250,000+ views.

As for my own Pinterest profile, I now have 67k+ monthly viewers, compared to 40k+ last month.

My Pinterest profile, 66.7k monthly viewers and 4.2k monthly engaged

my Pinterest statistics showing growth from the last 30 days

This is where things get exciting.

What did I do in the last 4 weeks to gain those 27k viewers?

Like I said in the beginning, Pinterest is about networking, exposing yourself to as many users as possible.

Meet Group Boards.

A group board is like a board, but with several users contributing to it. It’s like a collab between pinners to pin their pins (or others’) to a shared board.

If I created a group board, and you’re my follower, you will also be my group board’s follower. So if you join a group board, you will multiply your exposure, because your pin will also be seen by the board’s followers.

Get it?

This is one of my group boards:

one of my group boards on Pinterest

As you can see, there are 62,676 followers and (look at the circles on the right top corner) 1k+ contributors.

How to Join Group Boards

      1. Follow the owner (its profile is the first circle in the group board).
      1. Message the owner, request for an invitation to their group board.
    1. If you’re lucky, you will get an invitation to join, then you can start pinning there right away!

Note: don’t pin too many pins in one day (this is a general rule). You’re lucky to be invited, you don’t want to be kicked out of the group board. The maximum number of pins per day is usually stated in the group description.

Start Pinning Now!

That’s it! It takes a lot of work and some time to build your Pinterest profile, but it’s worth it. Sign up on Pinterest, set up your profile, create boards, pin consistently (with or without Tailwind help), and join group boards!

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