I do get lonely working from home.

It’s been almost 7 months since I first got my ‘paycheck’ from Upwork. During that time, I didn’t have to take the bus or train or drive to commute, I didn’t have an office to go to, and I sure didn’t have any real co-workers.

It’s been lonely, but it’s just the way I wanted. I’m an introvert, I really enjoy the time that I have by myself, but sometimes I do need someone to talk to besides my family.

What I’ve been doing/will do to fight loneliness:

Join Facebook Groups

Who doesn’t have a Facebook account? I think this is the easiest way to find people that are working in the same fields/interests. People rarely spammed (at least in the groups that I’m in) because they have to have a Facebook profile in the first place.

One of my favorite local group is Upworker Indonesia, which I found a couple of months ago. We are free to post anything related to remote work and Upwork, most people ask about how to get started on Upwork there. Sometimes we also talk about our experience with Upwork, and even posting the workspace we’re in! It’s just motivating and entertaining to read about other Indonesians that work remotely. You know, we’re basically unicorns!

Check Out Meetup.com

Due to my recent interest in content marketing, I decided to check out meetup.com, the infamous website for gatherings and seminars. Surprisingly, there are lots of Indonesians there, and a lot of active groups.

Being a remote worker means you can decide when you’re going to work, when you’re going offline, and when you’re going to learn something new. This flexibility is the most precious advantage of remote working. Because time is money. I don’t know about you but if I’m given this kind of privilege, I wouldn’t waste it on working all day. It depends on what you value the most though.

Join in Seminars and Conferences

It’d be challenging to attend this conference if you’re a traditional employee. You may have to take leave, or lie, or pretend to be sick. But for me, I can schedule my work hours to Saturday and Sunday. I can work overtime before the conference starts.

If you’re looking in the right places, you will find those insightful seminars and conferences. If you’re a remote worker/freelancer, you will be able to go to them.

Read how I attended HubSpot’s GROW in Singapore here.

Go to A Coffee Shop or A Coworking Space

I also mention this in my previous post about being productive. It really helps you stay sane to just get out of your house and meet another human being, like your barista.


Not everyone has the privilege to give back and really contribute to society. Usually, employees had enough of working and commuting and they don’t want any activities on the weekend. As I’m semi-unemployed (read: have flexible hours), I feel the obligation to give back, so I joined a local organization (Social Designee) to teach village children every weekend.

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With this post, I want to remind you all, my fellow remote workers, to stop working and start scheduling time in your calendar to do things you want to do. We’re blessed with these flexible hours, so please use them wisely!

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