I’m not new to blogging. I’ve been blogging since I was in 3rd grade of primary school.

But back then, everything was really different. I was just a girl who loves to write.

I didn’t really have an audience. I just write what I want to write. Publish it, but not actively promoting it.

I don’t understand the purpose of blogging, which is to write and give value to your readers.

To attract people. To interact with people. To help and encourage people. It’s all about them. Not you.

Find your tribe

Blogging isn’t a one-way communication.

Blogging isn’t a one-man show.

It involves the whole village. The whole tribe.

Your content isn’t static. It’s heavily influenced by how you talk with your audience.

If someone commented on your blog or your social media profile, saying that she appreciated your writing and would want to read more about subject A, you’re lucky!

Out of hundreds of readers, she takes the time to visit your site, read your article, and write a relevant comment for you. From there, you can even build a whole new post like this.

You get to know what your audience is thinking, what they need and what they want to read next. Who doesn’t want another content idea, right?

You see, blogging is not static at all.

The most important thing about being a blogger is to build your tribe. And if you’re not big enough to build one, join one! There are thousands of writers/bloggers/entrepreneurs Facebook groups.

Why do you have to join these groups?

You’ll want to join groups that already have thousands of members with several daily posts. This is where people are asking questions, sharing tips, and most importantly, sharing their businesses and websites!

  1. Accountability
    Most of the groups I’m in have a weekly schedule like Monday Motivation or Fun Friday. You can get the motivation to write and publish every week, because you’re held accountable for your goals. You celebrate each others’ wins.
    Use that peer pressure for good. See how people can push out their content every week, that feeling of FOMO (in a good way) will make you do just that. Who knows, that extra boost might be what we need to keep going, writing and publishing every single week, until it’s enough to make us succeed.
    This is how I keep writing and publishing consistently 😉
  2. Inspiration
    Another benefit you can get from joining a group like this is that you get to see how people manage their blog. There’s always someone one step ahead of you, and this person is the one you want to learn from.
    See how they promote themselves, how they attract new subscribers, and how they send out newsletters. What works and what doesn’t, you can even ask these people!
  3. Research
    Do you need help in deciding what you’re going to name your freebies? Or what font to use in your new logo? I’ve seen countless people asking for opinions or just a quick poll that helps their business.
    Sometimes we’re too attached to our ideas, we need help from others to really review them, objectively. These groups provide a safe place for bloggers and business owners, like you!
  4. Community
    I can’t stress this one enough. Being in a community just makes everything easier. You get all three benefits above and the feeling that you’re not alone. You’re on this journey together. They’re your tribe, ready to support and help you because they’ve been through it too.

Group Recommendations

I joined some groups on Facebook, you can check them out and meet me there!👋

Go, find and join your tribe now!

This is the biggest lesson I learned this year. I’ve been blogging the wrong way all this time, you will only grow if you’re in a tribe. In fact, it doesn’t only work in blogging, but in every aspect of our lives. We can only grow and thrive in a tribe filled with likeminded people.

Published by Ascencia Fike

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