Uncertainties – or, my note as the corona progresses

Uncertainties. We’re surrounded, even wrapped in uncertainties now.

When is this all gonna end? Will it ever end?

How long should we do this, the whole self-quarantining and social distancing?

This article will be my Corona-related notes, if you will. I’ll update it weekly or fortnightly.

March 30, 2020

Nature is warning us, that there’s something bigger than us, something that you can’t fight. You can only fight this far. I’m not religious by any means, but I still believe that nature is taking care and trying to balance all of the things we’ve been doing.

People call accidents as accidents, because they’re accidental. They don’t happen all the time. They only happen once in a while, to unlucky people. That’s also uncertainty, but the kind that we’re unaware of. We just kind of accept that, especially if we’re not the one who’s struck by the accident. Oh, that happened. But to other people.

People die all the time. That’s certain. But the way people die, that’s uncertain. And there’s no way to tell, unless they’re sick for some time.

We hate the time we’re in now, because we hate uncertainties.

But the truth is, uncertainties are everywhere, even before this global pandemic thing.

I just read my journal entries a year ago (I write something — about 5 lines — almost everyday since I read Miracle Morning). There’s a period of time, that I didn’t remember now, where I wasn’t sure whether I should continue freelancing or find a real job instead. I met my friends, and they would (unintentionally) express their doubts about my ‘job’. But I was happy inside. I was satisfied with the job and the pay. I only felt pressure because of what they said.

I was in dilemma for weeks. I would write something like ‘Should I go back and apply to my dream job when I was in college? A job in that startup company?’

But in the end, I persisted. I stayed in the freelancing job. I stayed through the uncertainties at that time, the doubts that I had myself about my career, the companies that I was working for as a freelancer also was going through tough times.

What came out on the other side was this beautiful outcome.

I was offered a full-time job (which was also scary at that time, having to let go of my clients), a remote one. Six months in, this pandemic happened.

What can I (and maybe you) learn from this?

Sometimes, you just have to hold on. To anything you might have any doubts now. As long as it feels right to you, not to other people, then it’s the perfect one for you now. Sometimes you have to be actively chasing something, but sometimes, the most logical and the perfect thing to do is to just stay put. Do your work, the best that you can.

Uncertainties will always be here. With you. With everyone else.

Do what you can do. Help others if you can.

We’ll all come out of this safely, stronger than ever.

April 6, 2020

Today, I’m checking the drafts that I have in my Notion. And I have this brilliant idea (at this time of writing) of publishing this piece as soon as I can, and update it periodically in the future. Now is the time of uncertainties, so many things changing around me, and my mind is almost always filled with Corona-related thoughts, so why not make it into a post?

Please read this article about adapting to the new normal.

I can say that I’m now past the panic mode. The first week that things were getting serious here, I translated Tomas Pueyo’s Medium post to Indonesian in one day. Because I knew things will get worse.

A friend of mine has lost her dad to the virus. My high school teacher lost her husband. A doctor in my church passed away, too. That’s when you feel things are real, more than ever.

But, we also have more free time than ever. We’re forced to face the same family members every day. We’re forced to spend the long evening hours tied to our house, we can’t waste the time at a cafe or a mall.

Some things I’ve been doing more since the lockdown:

  • meditate
  • exercise
  • read, read, read
  • free webinars and courses
  • MasterClass (yes, I finally pulled the trigger a few weeks ago)
  • writeeeee
  • draw on the iPad and the papers
  • learn German

May 3, 2020

I didn’t realize that it’s almost another whole month since my last update here.

Let’s start with the numbers.

As of this afternoon, in Indonesia there are:

11,192 confirmed cases

1,876 recovered

845 deaths

They say that this month will be the peak for Indonesia. I can only hope for the best outcome🤞

We all crave for the new normal.

But there’ll never be a ‘normal’.

Things will change, people are starting to predict what will.

In my little corner of the world, I ordered some gardening tools, some seeds, and some soil. Never attempted gardening before, but I believed what Ron Finley on Masterclass said, so I started and crossed my fingers.

Just a few days in, the morning glory and the spinach have sprouted.

morning glory and spinach in a pot
Two days since they first sprouted.

With the extra time that you have now, there’s never been a better time to pick up a new hobby. Who knows, maybe you have green thumbs?

Also, don’t forget to keep yourself healthy.

I’ve been working out almost every morning now. My go-to workout videos/channels/apps:


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