On Being Indonesian Who Works With People From Around The World

I’m an Indonesian. I was born in Indonesia. Both of my parents are Indonesian. They were also born in Indonesia.

Before Indonesia declared its independence, we were colonialized by the Dutch for over 300 years, and apparently, it has left us a complex called “cultural inferiority complex”, according to this observation by Breanna Bradley from Berkley Center.

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A Conversation Between Now-Me And 1-Year-Ago-Me

1-year-ago-me (1Y): I just started out my career in freelancing. I need to attend as many workshops as possible because I’m not going to pursue my master’s degree soon.

Now-Me (N): Workshops and talks are not enough to add something to your knowledge. Getting hands-on is better, but sometimes people still need to see your certifications and degrees to trust you. A master’s degree abroad will also be helpful for a little boost of confidence and skills.

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Things Money Can (And Can’t) Buy

Do you know that feeling you have when you’re already earning and living off of that money you earn? You feel that you have it all figured out. You get so addicted to saving and investing, every penny you earn must generate another penny. You’re now able to afford nicer things.

You heard all around you; money is not everything. There are things you can’t buy with money. Things like people, happiness, and health, those things are earned with effort, you can’t buy them off the shelf.

But then, what happens if you don’t have enough? What is enough, anyway?

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